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smart move

The Incredible Shrinking Rock Band.

In this droll tale, a duke whose neighbours are a famous rock band that insists on practising all night discovers the perfect way to silence them. Click on the pic for the PDF.

The Stand-in

Not a story for fundamentalist Christians.

According to esoteric thought, the life and crucifixion of Christ was a mystery play acted by conscious adepts with the intention of injecting certain spiritual ideas into general life. Christ did not appear historically until aged thirty. What was he doing before then? Who prepared him for his mission? This story dramatizes what has come down to us through Essene sources about this remarkable period. Click on the pic for the PDF

Life Class - a 3-act stage play

A new Australian 3-act Play about a dysfunctional family..

A middle-class family deconstructs because of each individual's inevitable flaws. Then the same events are re-lived - with one small but significant difference. One person slightly changes. And the outcome is completely transformed.

The play is free for amateur or semi-amateur production. Click on the pic for the script. You can contact the author for more information or consultation and permissions at

Just One Wish

Three TV pilots. A half hour television comedy/drama series available for production for media students requiring projects..

These are tongue-in-cheek tales based on the frustrated comment: "If I just had one wish, I'd... What would happen if you did? Click on the links for the scripts of the three pilots.

1: The Dummy

2: The Fishwife

3: Flies and other people