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e-book cover for 'How To Get What You Want'How to Get What You Want - a fun guide to making life fulfill your dreams. And it works!

Know how to control the weather? How to disguise your ignorance? How to recognize a con man? It's all here.

Martin Jensen is the universal man. His first humorous but canny book - How to Keep Fit Without Exercise has already been downloaded by a horde of eBook buffs. And his second, How to Get What you Want - is in its second, expanded edition.

And everything suggested works!

You'll learn how to see without your specs, how to change traffic lights to green, how to dislodge rusted in screws and even how to amaze small children by moving both eyes independently. Here is instruction on sentence construction, drying between the toes, bamboozling pretentious art critics and more.

But you only learn how to get what you want half way through the book.

This is an amusing read. But, beneath the humour, lurks sense. A happy way to clue yourself in and great value at just $1.99!

'Jensen knows it all . And, with the help of this book, you can be a know-all, too!'

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Martin Jensen's latest 'How to' tackles just about any subject you can think of. And the amazing thing is, it's good and workable advice. Check some of the entries:

How to instantly stop hiccups
How to avoid midnight gastric reflux
How to stop someone choking
How to enjoy being pestered by flies
How not to be pestered by flies on bushwalks.
How to change traffic lights to green.
How to produce an airport shuttle bus
How to control the weather
How to locate supermarket items
How to get someone to phone you
How to secure a lunch date
How not to be noticed
How to attract attention
How to make men unexpectedly undress you
How to see without your glasses
How to recognize a con man
How to plan your life successfully
How not to wreck a good relationship
How to save time and simplify your life
How to avoid salmonella
How to maintain a car and avoid breakdowns
How to avoid exercise without guilt
How to spot and survive a Tsunami
How to laugh at death
How to loosen rusted-in screws
How to disguise your ignorance
How to behave
How to fluster art critics
How to dry effectively between your toes
How to invest
How to slim
How to burn more calories sitting down.
How to invigorate your mind
How to be objectively moral
How to get what you want
How not to drown
How to escape from a sinking car
How to avoid being run over
How to avoid dogs biting off your fingers
How to avoid cutting a finger in the kitchen
How to saw
How to cut a tree branch
How to drill
How to sharpen knives
How to sharpen a chisel
How to use an adjustable wrench
How to hammer a nail
How to climb out of a mineshaft or well
How to get rid of leeches
How to get something out of your eye
How not to be carried out to sea
How to duck a bullet
How to handle blisters
How to carry someone
How to disable an attacker
How to assume the tuck position, if assaulted
How to cope with frostbite
How to treat burns
How to help a car accident victim
How to survive an earthquake
How to help someone who's hyperventilating
How to help someone who is hypotensive or faints
How to dowse
How to remove a tick
How to find north with your watch
How to start a fire
How to survive a bushfire
How to survive the bitch goddess of life
How to be happy


e-book cover for 'How to Keep Fit Without Exercise'e-book cover for 'How to Get What You Want'Martin Jensen is that rare creature - a practical humourist. Everything he writes makes sense. He has sold many articles, a screenplay and also written successfully for the theatre. His interest is comedy and the human bazaar. His two books on this site are How to Keep Fit Without Exercise and How to Get What You Want.

'Wry, amusing, informed - and a huge relief to read.'