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The Philippines on $40 a Day - a wide-eyed guide to a country of surprises and delights.

Jeepneys, exotic islands, hot springs, old walled cities, snorkelling, tropical forests, anything-goes night-life, festivals...

author M. PrabuM.D.S.Prabu is a a content manager with a firm in Navi Mumbai, India and has graduated with a master's in mass communication from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. His book outlines a forty day tour of the Philippines with a motley crew of compatriots. Prabu examines everything from the price of a ferry ride to the transsexuals at White Beach. He investigates the history and cuisine of the country, it's jails, museums, tattoo parlours, islands and types of accommodation.
    This is a lively account from a wide-eyed correspondent of a country that often clashes with his conservative Indian perspective.
    If you're thinking of travelling to the Philippines, Prabu's fresh take on the country is good value. And the many photos add spice. 

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e-book cover for 'The Philippines'


'I liked the fact that each experience was recounted having "been there and done that", with careful notes on costs, pros and cons, which help make it a great reference medium for all those wishing to go to the magical archipelago at some time in the future, and make their own holiday memories.'
    AnupamaVarma Chand, Dubai, UAE.