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e-book cover for 'Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines'

Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines - reprinted from Man, Man Junior, Pocket Man, Squire, and more...

It's all here: horror, crime, mystery and SF.

In Night Flight to Amsterdam, a millionaire's life depends on stealing another man's coat.

In The Round Metal Tomb, a con escapes jail by being welded into a 44-gal drum. It seems the perfect ploy - until he discovers what the drum will be used for.

In So Very Lifelike, the wife of a wealthy taxidermist takes a lover. And learns what it means to stuff things up.

In Kidney Punch, a Mafia boss on dialysis makes the mistake of monstering a nurse.

In the celebrated SF epic, The Justice Wire, there's a diabolical switcheroo you'll never see coming.

In Come Down Killer, a gung-ho reporter ends up with a killer on top of an industrial chimney.

Then there's Hot Shot, where who's up who becomes a matter of life and death.

And Split, where we meet a man who is equal to anything - from murder to nuclear war. (23,000 words)

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e-book cover for 'Vicious Tales'

"...meaty stuff. Well written, thoroughly nasty and intriguing with nice shock endings."

"A satisfyingly appalling feast of highly unpleasant events."