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nautilusWhat is BUZZWORD BOOKS? A small Australian eBook publisher that insists on good writing and only lists titles worth your time. We feature suspense, thrillers, mystery, crime, travel and self-transformation. Check the range below or browse.

The Hyperspace of Consciousness

Hyperspace of Consciousness$3.95
Category: cosmology, quantum physics, philosophy, new age. A scientific enquiry into the nature of the spirit and soul.
An hypothesis about the Physics of Creation and Non-Local Information inside an Intelligent Universe - written by a leading astrophysicist. ...more...

Kiss Me Dead

Kiss Me Dead $2.99
Category: Erotic murder-mystery, sex-crimes, kinks.
What happens when a detective discovers her body is the murder weapon? This descent into sex and consensual S/M keeps you guessing to the end. First murder mystery in this raunchy streetwise series. ...more...

Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines

Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines $1.99
Category: Sex, shocks, horror, murder, short stories for men.
Top short fiction from Man, Man Junior, Squire, Argosy and other periodicals. Ever been welded into a 44 gal. drum? Stories definitely for men only. Enjoy! ...more...

The Game

The Game$3.99
Category: Vendetta, thriller, horror, suspense.
Four innocents are enticed to what seems to be an island resort only to be confronted with an escalating series of trials they can't escape. This diabolical thriller really twists the knife. Optioned for film. ...more...

No Time for the Smiths

No Time for the Smiths$3.99
Category: Memoir, Young Love, Australian History, humour.
Fifty years ago, Sydney, was a kinder, slower place. But when a gormless just-married couple decided to live 26 miles from town, romance and reality clashed. Australia in the fifties. Heartwarming, hilarious and true. ...more...

Travelling with Mr Shwe

Travelling with Mr Shwe$3.95
Category: Burma (Myanmar), travel, exploration.
You've seen the headlines. Now read the book. A contemporary account of life inside Burma that's now more relevant than ever. Travelling with Mr Shwe is by South East Asian expert, Pam Scott who intimately knows the country. (Includes 200 photos) ...more...

The Road to Narromine

The Road to Narromine$3.99
Category: Sailplanes, soaring, film-making, flying, broadcasting.
Film director, Jim Richards, has a passion. Flying 'gliders' in NSW, Australia. This rollicking memoir takes you on one of the wildest and most entertaining trips as Renaissance man Richards lives life to the hilt. ...more...

Gurdjieff and the Arch-Preposterous

Gurdjieff and the Arch Preposterous$5.95
Category: Hermetic Code, Esoteric, Fourth Way, occult.
  An expert on the Hermetic Code interprets part of Gurdjieff's great allegory, All and Everything, from an autobiographical perspective. This book, some years out of print, is still sought after as an eBook. ....more...

Inspiring new title: The Wisdom of Being

The Wisdom of Being$3.99
Category: Self-awareness, self-transformation, inspirational.
Is it possible to live in two worlds at once? What is the inner secret behind Buddhism, Gurdjieff, Zen, Vedanta, Taoism, Sufism and Christianity? The science of NOW - explained by a lifetime student of esoteric systems. ...more...

Like near-future SF? You'll love this:

The Logos ProbePrice: $3.99
Category: Science Fiction, near future, dystopia, medical advances, world chaos.
The year? 2080. Alexander Logos is the Edison of his age. But his brilliant innovations can't save him from the terrors around him. Read what happens when science turns feral - when the quest for physical immortality is taken to its logical conclusion. A brilliantly ironic dystopian blast. ...more...