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An Introduction to the Absolute

An Introduction to the Absolute$3.99
 Hidden knowledge, cosmic secrets, the occult approach to reality.
  What we and the cosmos consist of can eventually be sensed — but at a level of perception that mind, body and emotions can't grasp. This is a comprehensive guide that can take someone with a heartfelt search unerringly to the door of perception .. ...more...

The approach to the Unmanifest

e-book cover for THE WISDOM OF BEING - the truth behind the great religions$3.99
 Inspiration, self transformation, occult, Fourth Way.
  What is the truth concealed behind the door called self-awareness? This inspiring book takes you far beyond the conventional view of spirituality to reveal the hidden core behind Buddhism, Vedanta, Sufism, Christianity, Taoism, the Gurdjieff Work and Zen... ...more...

Unique Gurdjieff source material

e-book cover for 'Saturday Evenings at Mendham' - new source material from Madame OuspenskyMadame Ouspensky's talks to her pupils - 1945-1947 - now published!
This book provides entirely new source material for the Gurdjieff Work. It is an authentic transcription of talks given by Madame Ouspensky to her group at Mendham, distilled from notes taken by her pupils at the time. ...more...

Gurdjieff's hidden biography

e-book cover for 'Gurdjieff and the Arch Preposterous'$5.95
 Hermetic Code, Esoteric, Fourth Way, occult.
  An expert on the Hermetic Code interprets part of Gurdjieff's great allegory, All and Everything, from an autobiographical perspective. This book, now out of print, is still available as an eBook. ...more...

Guru initiates teenager

e-book cover for 'Talks With Al'$2.99
Self-transformation, effective living, guru, coming-of-age advice.
Birdie is a smart kid. But no match for a guru. Is this simply a 'young adult' book or a true teaching cleverly presented? What if the local handyman is a sage in disguise? An inspirational gem. ...more...

Dictionary of Allegorical Words

e-book cover for 'Dictionary of Allegorical Words'$3.95
 Occult, Hermeticism, spiritual terms, esoteric dictionary.
From earliest times, wise men protected themselves from church and state by using the Hermetic code. According to Joy Lonsdale, this was the secret code upon which all allegory is based. ...more...


Steamy streetwise romp

e-book cover for 'Kiss Me Dead' $2.99
Erotic murder-mystery, sex-crimes, lesbian.
What happens when a detective discovers her body is the murder weapon? This descent into sex and consensual BDSM keeps you guessing to the end. First murder mystery in this raunchy series. ...more...

Murder in an erotic cult

e-book cover for 'Death Has No Face' $2.99
Erotic murder-mystery romp, sex-crimes, lesbian, crime.
Jen Madden is an occasionally bisexual advertising copywriter who specializes in solving sex crimes. She's hired by a female tycoon to investigate the bedmate of a cult leader's beautiful lesbian sister. ...more...

Kinky murders in funeral dynasty

e-book cover for 'Death Takes a Hike'$2.99
 Erotic murder-mystery romp, sex-crimes, necrophilia, kinks, horror,
Jen Madden, specializes in sex-related murders. When she's asked to investigate a megarich Funeral Parlour dynasty, she discovers a nest of sexual kinks that results in three of the family being shot.  ...more...


Weather control conspiracy

e-book cover for 'Project Thunder'$3.99
 Shipwreck, China, spies, subs, weather control, global warming.
A mysterious unmanned device lands in the Australian desert. All nations want it because it contains weather-controlling technology. International espionage. And meticulously researched, ...more...

Vendetta on an NZ island

e-book cover for 'The Game'$3.99
 Thriller, terror, suspense.
Four innocents are enticed to what seems to be an island resort only to be confronted with an escalating series of trials they can't escape. This diabolical thriller really twists the knife. Optioned for film. ...more...

Man with total recall confronts cartel

e-book cover for 'The Fourth Eye'$3.99
 Conspiracy, petro-chemical cartel, fugitive, spooks.
If you happened to stumble across the world's best kept industrial secret, how long do you think they'd let you live? But what if you had a personal weapon - like total recall? ...more...

Techno-thriller with bite

e-book cover for 'Deep Six'$3.99
 Techno-thriller, C-130 gunship, Pentagon, CIA.
  A high-tech conspiracy that could devastate half the globe. This meticulously researched thriller exposes world defence strategies and predicts the future of warfare. An utterly satisfying read. ....more...

World leaders replaced

e-book cover for 'Exit Alpha' $3.99
 Spy thriller, Antarctic, Pope John Paul 1st, airship, secret intelligence.
Ray Cain works for a covert organization called EXIT. Its brief is to guide world events by killing or replacing dangerous political figures with duplicates. Then the world's most secret intelligence agency starts to implode. ...more...


Kids surviving in occupied France

e-book cover for 'All Fall Down'$3.95
 Occupied France, WW2, Nazis, Gestapo, children at war.
When the Nazis occupy France, two boys live in constant fear of being sent to work in German factories. To avoid conscription, Claude joins the French Gestapo. But Paul chooses the Resistance. ...more...

Guru initiates teenager

e-book cover for 'Talks With Al'$2.99
Self-transformation, effective living, guru, coming-of-age advice. 
Birdie is a smart kid. But no match for a guru. Is this simply a 'young adult' book or a true teaching cleverly presented? What if the local handyman is a sage in disguise? An inspirational gem. ...more...


Stunning literary fiction

Ballarat Dreaming$3.99
 Ballarat, short stories, ten literary awards.
. What really goes on behind the scenes in a country town? These brilliantly written, interrelated stories expose the lives behind the masks. The tales in this anthology have won ten literary awards. ...more...

World spanning poetry

e-book cover for 'Middle Kingdom'$2.95
 Poetry, world travel, satire, China, black humour.
David Farnsworth has travelled to countries most tourists would never consider. An anthology of travel poems, funny, wry and often dark.  ...more...


Around OZ for nix!

e-book cover for 'Get around Oz for nothing'$2.99
 Busking, Australia, NT, Qld, NSW, WA, Canberra.
In 1984, Jon Jesse decided he could do it - busk around OZ for nothing more than he earned on the street. And, after a shaky start, he was on his way. Thirty years later, he's still at it. A hoot! Hear three of his original songs free. ...more...

Sailplane fanatic tells all

e-book cover for 'The Road to Narromine'$3.99
 Sailplanes, soaring, film-making, flying, broadcasting.
Film director, Jim Richards, had a passion. Flying 'gliders' in NSW, Australia. This rollicking memoir takes you on one of the wildest and most entertaining trips as Renaissance man Richards lives life to the hilt. ...more...

Young love in 1950s The hilarious Aussie classic!

e-book cover for 'No Time for the Smiths'$3.99
 Just marrieds, Australian History, humour.
Fifty years ago, Sydney, was a kinder, slower place. But when a gormless just-married couple decide to live 26 miles from town, romance and reality clash. Australia in the fifties. Heartwarming, funny and true. ...more...


Travels in hidden Burma

e-book cover for 'Travelling with Mr Shwe'$3.95
 Burma (Myanmar), travel, exploration.
You've seen the headlines. Now read the book. A contemporary account of life inside Burma that's now more relevant than ever. Travelling with Mr Shwe is by South East Asian expert, Pam Scott, who has visited the country many times. (Includes 200 photos)  ...more...

Vietnam Revisited

e-book cover for 'Vietnam Revisited'$3.95
 Vietnam, South East Asian travel, Hanoi, Vietnamese women.
An intriguing account of life in Vietnam today, with over 200 photos. Pam Scott looks back on the remarkable changes she witnessed in Vietnam over the last two decades. ...more...

 Stories of Hanoi

e-book cover for 'Hanoi Stories'$3.95
 Hanoi, South East Asian travel, Vietnam.
  Hanoi Stories is an unforgettable insight into the charms of this vibrant city and why, once you go there, it's hard to leave. It has many photos and is essential reading for anyone considering a trip to Vietnam ...more...

Expats tell where and how they live now

e-book cover for 'Living the Dream' $3.95
 Expatriates, Bangkok, Barcelona, Antigua, Provence.
Stories of expatriates living in exotic places. Each decided to create a new life for themselves in another country very different from their own. Read how they got on. ...more...

Vietnamese women and the war

e-book cover for 'Some Left but Many Stayed Behind' $3.95
 Vietnamese women, war stories, refugees, immigrants.
Stories of Vietnamese women at home and abroad. A memorable collection of stories from eighteen Vietnamese women, interviewed by the author, who lived through the Vietnam War. ...more...

The Philippines on $40 a Day

e-book cover for 'The Philippines on $40 a Day'$1.99
 Jeepneys, exotic islands, hot springs, old walled cities, night-life, festivals..
A lively account from a wide-eyed correspondent of a country that always surprises. If you're thinking of travelling to the Philippines, this is an amusing account and good value.  ...more...


Exploring the spirit using quantum theory

e-book cover for 'The Hyperspace of Consciousness'$3.95
 Spirituality, quantum theory, cosmology, spirit, soul.
This illustrated book provides a brave and revolutionary theory of everything by an Italian astrophysicist who dares to look beyond current scientific dogma. Can science understand the spirit and the soul? ...more...

True Crime cases of child molestation and murder

e-book cover for 'Suffer Little Children'$2.99
 True crime cases of child molestation, mayhem and murder.
The stories covered in the collection range from historical to very recent. They are detailed, searing, forensic, incredible and totally researched. ...more...


The lazy person's guide to staying fit

e-book cover for 'How to Keep Fit Without Exercise'$1.99
 Medical myths, overtraining, sensible fitness, humour.
Here's the lowdown on exercise that other books take long chapters to express, collated in one jaunty, jiffy digest. Common sense, plus the latest facts on fads. Written by a medical writer and historian.  ...more...

How to get and do just about everything

e-book cover for 'How to Get What You Want'$1.99
 Effective living, life skills, success, humour.
But you only learn how to get what you want half way through the book.
    This is an amusing read. But, beneath the humour, lurks sense. A happy way to clue yourself in and great value because everything suggested here works!   ...more...


Grim Fairy Tales for Adults

e-book cover for 'Grim Fairytales for Adults'$1.99
 Outlandish, bizarre, peculiar and always surprising.
The latest collection from master story-teller Smith. Consummate tales to amuse and entertain.

Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines

e-book cover for 'Vicious Tales from Men's Magazines'$1.99
 Murder, crime, science fiction, vendetta, horror.
Top male short fiction from From MAN, MAN JUNIOR POCKET MAN, SQUIRE, and more.

Romantic Stories from Women's Magazines

e-book cover for 'Romantic Stories from Women's Magazines'$1.99
 Romance, chick lit, humour, the bizarre, peculiar.
  Romantic Stories includes top short fiction from periodicals such as WOMEN'S WEEKLY, CLEO, WOMAN'S DAY, ARGOSY UK and ABC Books.. ...more...

Traumas in a country town

Ballarat Dreaming $3.99
Ballarat, short stories, ten literary awards..
What really goes on behind the scenes in a country town? Thirteen interrelated short stories expose the lives behind the masks. The stories in this anthology have won ten literary awards. ...more...


3010 - the year humanity becomes extinct.

Level 28 $3.99
 It's the year 3010 and the end of humanity.
 A mind-chipped minion is upgraded to Conditioning Sector, then Inhuman Resources as he fights to stay alive in a collapsing hi-tech regime. This satirical dramatization of the fag end of civilization is stylish, clever, unpredictable.   ...more...

Life-extension and cloning

e-book cover for 'The Logos Probe' $3.99
 Dystopian future, over-population, nano-tech, AI, human cloning, life extension.
What would you sacrifice to stay young?
This grim SF explores the emerging sciences of nano and bio-tech, artificial intelligence, xeno-transplantation, stem-cell seeding, human cloning, tissue banks and robotics. And follows the techniques of life-extension to its logical, ironic conclusion.  ...more...